An equal amount of books purchased, gets donated to hospitals, schools, & prisons!

"Never Settle for Less, EVER"! Staying Happy Book. mastering stress

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Coach Henton

Born 10/15/1983, Queens, NY. The Amazon of Building Wealth. Owner of Henton Group llc. Seifuddin Henton, "Coach Henton" didn't have the resources growing up. While keeping the "never settle for less" mindset, he became the resource network for entrepreneurs, especially the youth. The vision is to build thousands of millionaires from the ground up, while rebuilding our communities. 

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Staying Happy and Confident when Your World is Falling Apart: The Art of Mastering Stress

"The #1 thing people lack, is not having enough confidence." Napoleon Hill 

For every book purchased, an equal amount of books will be donated to hospitals, schools, and prisons worldwide. 

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Staying Happy And Confident When Your World Is Falling Apart: The Art of Mastering Stress While Achieving Greatness, Author Seifuddin Henton

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